Vision & Values

Welcome to the Eukarya Family Center, where our vision and values are deeply rooted in the belief that families are the cornerstone of God’s plan for His church, His Kingdom, and society at large. With a commitment to strengthening families through education, discipleship, and counseling, we are passionately Christ-centered in our approach, seeking to unify and empower individuals in their marital, parental, and spiritual journeys. At the heart of our mission is the desire to foster loving relationships within families, offer comprehensive programs that support community growth, and share our learnings globally, all while upholding the core tenets of faith and valuing the transformative power of God’s word in action.


Our Vision

Eukarya Family Center seeks to strengthen families, as they are God’s chosen building blocks for His church, His Kingdom, and all of society.

We seek to raise up children and students through education and discipleship.

We seek to strengthen marriages in our community and region through marriage education, marriage intensives and counseling.

We seek to train people to be better parents.

We seek to find ways for entire families to come together in loving relationships.

We seek to offer programs that are difficult for most local churches to offer and/or maintain or which might be considered outside of the role of the church.

We seek to take what we learn at Eukarya Family Center to other communities in the United States and other parts of the world.

Our Values

To be more than “faith-based” and passionately Christ-centered in all we do.

To unify and cooperate with other Christians who hold to the core tenets of the faith and highly value God’s word without separating over minor doctrine.

To live out and demonstrate the values of God’s Kingdom, which is both now and to come.

To advance God’s kingdom through studying God’s word, prayer and action. We value both right thinking (orthodoxy) and right living (orthopraxy).

To primarily focus on building up people and community through loving relationships, not on building institutions or programs. When these two goals conflict, we will choose to build up people first.

To avoid legalism, being watered down, or becoming licentious in nature.