With Us

We are committed to strengthening families and communities through our faith-based counseling, education, and support services at Eukarya Family Center. But we cannot achieve this mission alone - we need your help. By partnering with us through a financial donation, you can help us reach even more families and individuals in need of our services.

Your donation will help us provide crucial counseling and support services to families and individuals in our community and beyond. It will help us offer education and discipleship for children and students, strengthen marriages through marriage education and counseling, and train people to be better parents. With your support, we can continue to offer programs that are outside the traditional role of the church and advance God's kingdom through studying His word, prayer, and action.

Your generosity will enable us to expand our reach and impact even more lives. Together, we can build stronger families and communities, and advance God's kingdom on earth. Thank you for considering partnering with us through a financial donation.